Lemon Loaves of Love

If you want to show love to someone, then you make them a lemon loaf. That’s what my grandma taught me. People thought they had tasted heaven when they were a lucky recipient of one of her lemon loaves. The fact is, Kraft isn’t that amazing, but Nana’s love was, and it made the most ordinary recipes taste extraordinary. And this recipe is actually pretty good…but make it to give away…and it will taste even better!

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Stories Behind My Songs: All Things Testify

Have you ever spent quiet time alone in nature and felt the beauty all around you and knew God created it all? Have you ever gazed into a newborn baby’s eyes and just felt that heaven was close and were full of wonder at the miracle in your arms? Have you every gazed into the night sky and witnessed the majesty of it all? I love contemplating the creations of Jesus Christ and the truth that dwells within every tree, every mountain, every ocean, every animal, and every person on the earth.

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The “AS IF” Principle

When I was about 13 years old I remember sitting on the couch with my dad in the basement having one of those life-talks. The kind that involved me rolling my eyes, and my loving father, persevering to try to reach me. After some discussion, he left the room and returned with an article. He told me he wanted me to read it and then like a school girl – to write it out. 

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