Our Testimony Board

A few months ago, a couple of my children came home on a Friday afternoon from school visibly upset because of some things they had heard. They were confused and sad. As the other three came in the door, I asked them how they felt, and they were also confused and had many questions. I saw this as an opportunity to have an impromptu Family Home Evening…or family home “afternoon”. I gathered all five of my children in the living room and I silently prayed the spirit would direct my words and that we could have a short, successful lesson that would bring peace to my children’s hearts and help them to understand.

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Mother’s Day CD Sale!

As mothers, we are often the facilitators of the tone we want to set in our homes. What a better way to influence a loving spirit in your home than though Christ-centered music? I might be a little biased, but Thy Healing Hands and Come to Know Him are nice CDs – and on sale for Mother’s Day!

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