Inspiring Hymn Arrangers You Should Check Out!

It’s no small talent to be able to arrange music. To hear the melody of a song and then create something additionally beautiful to complement it is a gift. Hymns, in their basic form, are perfect for worship in our Church meetings as congregational singing, but a tasteful arrangement of a hymn, well written and well performed, is a beautiful addition to any meeting as a special musical number. These truly beautiful arrangements also instil testimony, remind us of truth and create a beautiful spirit in our homes. Here are three arrangers I think you should know about.

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“I can do it. I can do it with a smile on my face.”

One of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard is that of Gabe Adams. Gabe, a baby boy born with no arms and no legs in Brazil was left in a hospital there by his birth mother. When Janelle Adams of Kaysville, Utah heard of this baby, she knew right away that she needed to adopt him. So, as parents to already several children, Janelle and her husband made arrangements to have Gabe join their awesome family. Take the time to watch the video below and get to know who Gabe is. He is truly an inspiring young man!

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Christmas Music Collection Must-Haves

Nothing says Christmas like Christmas music!  Some of my fondest memories are driving home with my family after watching the live nativity at the Church, or after driving around looking at lights while listening to Christmas music. Pretty soon we were all singing along and feeling the spirit of Christmas with Bing Crosby and The Carpenters! (well, mostly dad was singing, but you know how family togetherness goes…)

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JESS HANSEN – Portraying God’s Creation of Animals Through Inspiring Art

Jess Hansen, of Eagle Mountain, Utah, has been creating art as long as she can remember. As a child, she was often caught by her teachers and her mother drawing on walls or anything she could get her hands on. As she got older she really wanted people to see the amazing attributes of animals. Jess believes that all emotions can be expressed through the creatures of this earth, and her art captures the souls of the animals she depicts.