Mulligatawny Soup

I’m a soup lover. And I love curry. And this is a match made in heaven. I promise, if you like curry, this soup will not disappoint. Your tastebuds will be dancing! It tastes just like Earl’s Mulligatawny soup!! We love Earl’s Restaurant, and this soup is my husband’s fav! Pics to come!

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Caramel Corn Flake Pick-Ats

This is a yummy little concoction makes a great Family Home Evening treat!  You can just lazily leave on a greased cookie sheet, put in the middle of the table, create a great family discussion while ingesting pure deliciousness and call it FHE! This is something my family made for years, often for a Sunday evening treat. It’s pretty amazing goo and keeps everyone in one place for awhile “picking”.
Warning: Can induce a sugar coma. Eat in moderation.

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