Why I Write Songs About Jesus Christ

Since I was a teen, just starting to write music, it has been my greatest desire to share my testimony of Jesus Christ. He makes all the difference in my life. I can’t imagine going through this life without knowing His gospel and how He can heal, bless and strengthen me during challenges. This knowledge brings peace. How do I know? Well, I have tested it. I have prayed to have His spirit comfort me when I’m sad, to guide me when I’m confused or lost, and to lead me when I need a pure example to follow. And when I seek Him, He is always there. There is nothing on earth that has come to my aid in the same way and brought the same kind of hope, comfort and peace.

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Stories Behind My Songs: Not Far From Home

One time when my son, Benson, was about three years old, I was up in the night (again) with him for what seemed like the ten thousandth time. He had suffered from severe itchy, fully body, eczema and other health issues, since birth. He continues to struggle, but the first decade of his life was particularly challenging. He would scratch until his skin was raw and wimper and cry during the night needing his mama to cuddle him. We were doing all that the doctors said to do, but it still wasn’t enough to bring him comfort.

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Light The World

Last year I composed a song called “Light The World” in support of the LDS’s church’s service campaign called #LIGHTtheWORLD. I FINALLY got to scoring the sheet music and am so excited to release it! A new recording is coming and – you guys – it is so awesome!! It was one of my more emotional experiences in the studio….and that’s a good thing. The sound engineer did an amazing job and I can wait to share it with you this Christmas! Watch for it and be sure to subscribe to my mailing list at www.saralynbaril.com to keep up with my music releases!

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Mulligatawny Soup

I’m a soup lover. And I love curry. And this is a match made in heaven. I promise, if you like curry, this soup will not disappoint. Your tastebuds will be dancing! It tastes just like Earl’s Mulligatawny soup!! We love Earl’s Restaurant, and this soup is my husband’s fav! Pics to come!

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Our Testimony Board: Church in Mexico

For the past 4 months, I’ve been going to church in a town called San Jose Iturbide, Mexico! 4 other girls and I live in a small apartment across the street from the school that we teach English at. We arrived in San Jose on a Saturday, and of course I planned to go to church the next day. I was overjoyed when I heard that church was across the street, ALSO IN THE SCHOOL!

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Our Testimony Board: My Body Is A Temple

My body is sacred. I can jump. I can run. I can play. I can dance. Heavenly Father gave me my body. I can treat it with care. Because I want to respect my body, I will never take drugs, smoke or chew tobacco or drink alcohol or use addictive substances. My mind is also part of my body and I will try to think about good things and listen to good music and watch good movies.

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