SaraHi! I’m Sara. A Southern Albertan mama of 5 and a night owl musician. Welcome to my blog! I started To Lift and Inspire as a way to share a little bit about my music, as well as place to share anything uplifting and inspiring!

My husband, Mark, and I have been married for almost 22 years, and our five children range in ages from 9-married/mission age. We have a fun, busy house! Sometimes we call it the “Monkey-Baril”!

I have always been drawn to things that lift and inspire. I still have a binder full of handouts that I scrapbooked from Young Women lessons. I ‘ve always enjoyed a good conference talk, quote that inspires me to be a little better, and these things give me great stuff to write songs about too. I hope some things here on my blog will inspire you too!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My friends growing up would tell you I was somewhat of a music fanatic and borderline geek. I would hide out in the practice rooms of the band room and play the piano as everyone else was goofing off waiting for the teacher to arrive. He often had to come get me to join the class, because they were short a flutist! I would often compose in homes where I babysat after the children were tucked in their beds. The music never stops and I love this added dimension to my mothering, as challenging as it can be sometimes.

Shortly after our first baby was born, my sweet hubby scraped together some money and bought me a full 88 weighted key digital piano and music programs to create sheet music and record a little. I got right to work! During those first few years, I wrote sheet music to many of the songs I now have published. I squeezed the writing in between diaper changes, hoards of laundry, and vacuuming halls of our apartment building where we managed, and chasing two little ones, 19 months apart. The music is what has kept me sane!

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In 2006, just after our fourth baby was born, I finally had enough guts (and threats) to send down some of my sheet music to Greg Hansen, an LDS music producer. He loved it and wondered if we could work together to produce an album of my songs. Of course I was so excited I could hardly hold the phone, and two of my preschool children (at the time) pruned in the bathtub for an hour and made a raft of 17 towels while he and I talked about all the possibilities. The instant energy from this new project gave me just what I needed to wring out all 17 of those towels and lug them to the basement for re-washing. The madness between motherhood and writing has never slowed down since, and my poor husband has just had to accept that the house will never be perfect (unless my pride takes over when someone is coming to visit), and that “root, hog, or die” meals are a frequent thing as I learn to balance both aspects of my life.

In 2007, Greg and I worked a deal to produce 12 songs for the album, “Thy Healing Hands – Songs of Comfort and Peace”. I wanted to write about my Savior, for the songs that come about Him come easily, and are special to me, and I want to share my testimony of Him through song.The album was released in May 2007, and I was blessed to have immediate world wide distribution by Sounds of Zion. My CD was on bookshelves everywhere for a few years and then I kind of dropped off the radar for reasons too numerous to list here, but I’ve always kept writing and sharing and presenting my music here in Alberta.

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Over 2014/2015, a new album of music, called “Come To Know Him” has been in production. Release is scheduled for November, 2015. It’s sort of a sequel to Thy Healing Hands. I’m so excited to share it with you!! It has 13 songs, many of which were written when my babies were very small and I’m finally having the chance to produce them. It’s been a tremendously fun year getting ready to release this new collection!


Now that the children are all in school full time, I have finally found daytime hours to work on my music and to create this blog as a way to share things that Lift and Inspire! Feel free to click around, read some articles, download free sheet music and hear some original tunes!
– Sara
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