CD 2-PK Give Away!

You guys – I have too many CDs sitting in my house, but there are so many people who still use CDs because they don’t do the digital world. (i.e. your great-grandmother, or the lovely people at your local lodges). So, I want to give some of these away because I feel that they could benefit someone better than they can in a box in my closet collecting dust. Help me find 50 homes for 100 of these CDs!

To enter, simply visit this post on Facebook or do it from my Instragram post:

1. Give the post a like and a share.

2. Tag a friend or two in the comments to help me spread the word. When you comment, your name will be entered into the draw. You can comment more than once for multiple entries!

I will be giving away 50 of these 2-CD sets, all wrapped up with a bow and mailed to someone you love. The draw will be made December 1st based on the names of those who comment. We will work out details of names/addresses for mailing CDs to the winners (the person you choose), when the contest ends December 1st. I will mail these out sometime before December 10th to so they will have them in time for Christmas. Don’t worry – shipping is on me. <3 And in return, I just appreciate what you’re doing to help share my music. This is something I want to do to help #LIGHTtheWORLD. It helps you with your Christmas shopping, it helps those who will receive the surprise in their mailbox, and it helps me find those who can be blessed by Christ-centered music.

The past month has been amazing with sheet music downloads of my new song “Light The World”. When I released it a few days before conference weekend in October, I had no idea the Church was even doing a Light The World service campaign again for 2017. Not. A. Clue! I’m so grateful that this song has helped so many people and is being performed for so many things! All the best in your performances!! This CD give-way is one way I wish to show my appreciation for the support, and in turn, I hope to create a lot more. <3

You can sample the 25 songs from the two albums I have so you know what I’ll be giving away (or the music is in the side bar of this site as well):

Thy Healing Hands

Features vocal talents of Rebecca Lopez, April Meservy, Dallyn Vail Bayles, Sara Bethany Ham, Barry Hansen, Tammy Simister Robinson, and others!

Come To Know Him

Features the vocal talents of Daniel Beck, David Osmond, Jennifer Ehlert, Traci Ellingson, April Meservy, Julie Rose, Benson Baril and others!

#LIGHTtheWORLD with Christ-centered music this Christmas season.

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