Light The World

Last year I composed a song called “Light The World” in support of the LDS’s church’s service campaign called #LIGHTtheWORLD. I FINALLY got to scoring the sheet music and am so excited to release it! A new recording is coming and – you guys – it is so awesome!! It was one of my more emotional experiences in the studio….and that’s a good thing. The sound engineer did an amazing job and I can wait to share it with you this Christmas! Watch for it and be sure to subscribe to my mailing list at to keep up with my music releases!

Here’s my Benson singing it. It went kind of a little crazy on Facebook, which really threw me for a loop! I’m not used to that much attention on my music, but it was super fun to read the comments and it made me tear up…alot. I guess people liked this one.

PS – did you know Benson is on Facebook and Instagram? You can follow him as he shares his music.


Words and music by Sara Lyn Baril

So many wait for the light of day,
Searching for the truth; who will show them the way?
As those who heed the Savior’s call,
We’ll show His love and bring light to all.

In a world where there’s darkness,
In a world with night,
We can offer His peace,
We can lead with His light
Sharing all that is good
As we teach as Christ would.
We can light the world.

So many wait for someone to care;
Maybe they wonder if God’s even there.
As those who’ve found the peace that Christ brings
We’ll be his hands at all times, in all things.

In a world where there’s suffering,
We can ease the pain.
Lift the burdens we see and
Bring hope once again.
Sharing all that is good,
As we serve as Christ would.
We can light the world.

The pure love of Christ will change darkness to light
And answer each cry and each prayer.
It heals every wound and dries every tear.
When we act in His name, it’s as if He were here.

In a world where the lonely,
Seek to find one friend.
In a world where there’s heartache,
We’ll help sorrow end.
Sharing all that is good,
As we love as Christ would.
We can light the world.

Sharing all that is good,
As we live as Christ would.
We will light the world.

Copyright © 2016 by Sara Lyn Baril. All rights reserved.



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