Our Testimony Board: My Body Is A Temple

My body is sacred. I can jump. I can run. I can play. I can dance. Heavenly Father gave me my body. I can treat it with care. Because I want to respect my body, I will never take drugs, smoke or chew tobacco or drink alcohol or use addictive substances. My mind is also part of my body and I will try to think about good things and listen to good music and watch good movies.

I can show respect for my body when I take good care of it. I eat good foods like vegetables and fruits and I drink good drinks like water and juice. I can also exercise to keep my body healthy. I can keep my mind healthy by learning about lots of different things.

I can treat other people’s bodies with respect because they also came from Heavenly Father. Dressing modestly shows respect for ourselves and for Heavenly Father.

I know that we should treat our bodies exactly like a temple. We would never draw on the temple or poke holes in the temple or stop taking care of the temple. I love my body.

President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Our bodies … are the tabernacles of our spirits. He who is the Father of those spirits would have us build strength and virtue into these personal tabernacles.” 





Hi, My name is Brigham. I am 8 years old and love to swim, belly-flop, ride my scooter and jump on the trampoline. I love to read the stories in The Book of Mormon. My best day ever was getting baptized. My favourite primary song is “Search Ponder and Pray”. 




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